Top Posts in 2013

MP900382656[1]I find it interesting to look back over the year’s blog statistics. What resonates with readers (and what doesn’t) often surprises me and always teaches me something:

  • Interviews and book giveaways are very popular
  • The number of comments often doesn’t correlate with a post’s number of views
  • Using a widely Googled term will draw in many readers who normally wouldn’t visit my site

Nothing new or earth-shattering, but perhaps a reinforcement of what I already knew. Now to apply what I’ve learned…

Top 10 Posts in 2013

  1. Novel Anticipation – January 2013
  2. Getting to Know Becky Wade
  3. When Love Calls and More!
  4. Getting to Know Screenplay Author & Movie Producer, Scott Peterson
  5. Talking with Rose Ross Zediker
  6. Talking with Gina Holmes
  7. Meeting the Cast from Miss Saigon
  8. Snoopy Dancing – (This is a post from 2012 that’s still popular because of the oft-Googled phrase Snoopy Dancing.)
  9. Coaster Crazy Kids – (Another post from 2012. The post’s popularity stems from all the roller coaster fanatics out there.)
  10. Introducing Jill Urbach




3 thoughts on “Top Posts in 2013

  1. I find this fascinating, Bren. Probably the least commented on posts on my page are the reviews and interviews – and possibly the least visited. I do agree the posts that can receive the most views often don’t elicit the most comments, and I’m always surprised at the viewing traffic. One of the most visited posts on my blog is my fairly recent article titled “Sex is for men, romance for women”. I know the obvious draw in Google searches is that little three letter word at the beginning.

    Good post.

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