What It Means To Be Loved – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Early on in Pieces of Granite, Debbie and Jerry receive the news that their unborn baby has Down syndrome. “What It Means To Be Loved” by Mark Schultz offers hope for those tough times and helps you realize how very precious and perfect every life is. Pieces of Granite available at: Amazon | B&N | BAM

Sometimes Miracles Hide – Pieces of Granite Playlist

My latest release, Pieces of Granite, is about a couple who learns that the child they’re expecting has Down syndrome and that diagnosis causes a rift in their marriage. It’s obviously not an easy diagnosis for anyone to take, and a majority of parents who learn their pre-born child has Down will abort the child. (Note: Read More

Pieces of Granite Book Review

While Pieces of Granite has been racking up 5-star ratings on Amazon, I’ve only discovered a handful of blog reviews, and today I found the awesome review linked below. Thank you so much, Kym McNabney at Writing From the Soul, for your very gracious review! It’s very encouraging and made my day! http://kymmcnabney.blogspot.com/2015/01/a-piece-of-art.html

Novel Anticipation – January 2015, Part 2

Today’s list is my usual hodge-podge of books. Two are written by poetic wordsmiths (Christa Parrish and Lisa Samson), another is the third novel in a romantic suspense series (Southern Crimes) I’m hooked on, and the final books are written by new-to-me authors. It’s exciting to have such a diverse to-read pile to dig into! What’s on Read More

2015 Movie Anticipation

After I had this post written & prepared, my husband reminded me that I promised Part 2 of my novel anticipation post today. Oops! Hopefully you won’t mind waiting until Tuesday the 20th for the rest of my novel list.   Once again, several movies make my can’t-wait-to-see list. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Read More

Meet Nicholas Brentwood from Michelle Griep’s BRENTWOOD’S WARD

*** Book Giveaway *** See contest info below There’s little that’s more fun than welcoming friends to my blog, especially when they have a brand new book out, so I’m thrilled to welcome author Michelle Griep … Actually, let me restate that, I’m thrilled to welcome Nicholas Brentwood, Michelle Griep’s hero from her new release, Brentwood’s Ward, Read More