Chain of Mercy Visits Target Field

One of the things I enjoy about being an author is placing my characters in some of my favorite Minnesota locales. That’s something many of my readers have commented on–they’ve loved revisiting those sites in my book. One location that plays a significant role in Chain of Mercy is Target Field, the home of our Minnesota Read More

Find Your Wings – A Graduation Prayer

Graduation season is in full bloom in our household. Our daughter has just graduated college, and our son–our youngest–will graduate high school in a little over a week. While this season brings many lasts, it also gives birth to exciting firsts. And as our children young adults move on to new ventures, it’s best to send them Read More

Grad Party #3!

One would think that after planning three high school graduation parties within four years, I’d pretty much be an expert. Know what? I think I am. I have it down to a science–too bad (well, not really) this is our last graduate. The best advice I have is to Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. I’ve already Read More

Have a Blessed New Year!

How are you spending the final minutes of 2013? With friends? Family? By yourself? Our celebration may look humdrum to others, but it’s a day our family anticipates each year. It’s a day we spend together–bowling and watching movies. As our children get older (21, 19, & 17), I realize that these times are to Read More

THORific Thursday

Okay, you’ll have to pardon the cheesy title, but you see, I have a very good excuse: on the same evening that our Minnesota Vikings managed to eke out only their second win of the season, I–along with my family plus four college students–watched the Norse demi-god lead Asgard to victory. To be more specific, Read More

The Stay-At-Home-Mom’s Job Hunt

Twenty-one years ago, just days before my daughter was born (she came 13 days early!), I quit my full time job to be a full-time mom. It wasn’t because we were wealthy. Far from it. We just believed our children would benefit the most from me being there full time. I briefly held a part-time Read More

Sightseeing in St. Paul

With over half of my family volunteering at Sonshine Music Festival (our state’s Christian music fest), I decided that now was the perfect time to cross a few more items off of my bucket lists, both summer and lifetime. My son *volunteered* to come with me. The quick mention of stopping at an iconic malt Read More