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A Book Birthday Means a Book Giveaway!

It’s time to celebrate! After months of writing and agonizing and re-writing and editing and editing again and again and again, Home Another Way has finally made it to the online bookshelves! I can’t wait until you get to know Dani and Austin, who both have hearts for serving the homeless.

They just go about serving in different ways….

Realtor Dani Chamberlain’s passion for bringing attention to the homeless, regardless of the method, has once again backfired. Along with being sentenced to one-hundred hours of community service feeding the homeless, she’s also being kicked out of her home—by her own mother! She has less than two months to find a new place, or she’ll be living on the street herself.

Once a homeless teen, Austin Lang is now a school teacher and coordinator of the Family Table Meal for the homeless in his community. And he can’t wait to purchase his own home. When Dani Chamberlain breezes into the Family Table Meal wearing high heels and a haughty attitude, his life and plans are upended.

Dani is instantly drawn to the quiet, selfless man who puts his faith into action, and Austin can’t stop his attraction to the passionate woman who dives in to help people without thought to her own safety. Along with working together serving the community, they join forces to search for their new homes, deepening their attraction.

Then each of them receive news that shakes their foundations and threatens to tear them apart permanently. Can they overcome their differences and learn what it really means to serve and to love?

Want to know more? Then hurry over HERE to purchase your copy of Home Another Way, only 99¢ for the Kindle version (for a limited time). Or you could try winning one of five (yes I said 5!) paperback copies of Home Another Way! Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Contest goes through midnight on February 11, 2019.

Thank you for celebrating with me!

Question for my Readers: What community service organization(s) do you love to support?

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  1. Happy Release Day! Our babies share a birthday! 🙂

    We live in a small town, but we still have our fair share of charitable organizations. Our church hosts a day, “Faith in Action,” right before school starts, where we have a free yard sale, food giveaway, school supply giveaway, and do tasks for the elderly and those who can’t afford to do things around their home. I’ve always participated in that, not only in donating, but in DOING, as well!

    1. Happy Book Birthday to you too, Regina!!! I can’t wait to read Carolina Mercy!!! Now that my book has finally hit the shelves, maybe I can find time to read again. 🙂

      LOVE the Faith in Action idea! Nothing impacts people more than being Jesus’ hands and feet.

  2. One non-profit charity I won’t contribute to is The Red Cross! During World War II, my brother was fighting in the Marines and in the trenches at Iwo Jimi with socks and shoes with holes in them. The Red Cross declined him when he requested replacement shoes! Fighting for our country meant nothing to them! My heros are The Salvation Army who got him the very needed shoes! Kudos to The Salvation Army!

  3. I have Amazon set up to receive a percentage of my purchases for Royal Family Kids. It’s an organization that offers summer camps and school year mentoring to kids in the foster care system. I have not ever gone to help at the camps, but support the efforts in prayers.

  4. Love animals so naturally I’m drawn to our local animal shelter. They have a thrift store in town that helps defray expenses and offer stay and neuter clinics as well as going into the schools to educate the youth. Although most work is from volunteers, we have been able to build and maintain a state of the art facility. Being the county seat but only a population of less than 3000 people, I think we accomplish a lot to the city and surrounding areas both for the two legged and four legged patrons.

  5. Hi Brenda, I am a member of the VFW Auxiliary in my town. We do a lot for our local military veterans. It feels good to be able to help out in the community. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  6. All children’s cancer,Shriner’s Children,all veteran charities and a few religious ,Omaha Home for Boys and Girls , Boys Towns and Easter Seals.

  7. We are so blessed to have The Dream Center of Pickens County in our town. They are a faith based nonprofit whose tag line is that they ‘give people a hand UP, not a hand out’.
    They have a village of tiny homes where people who are ready to make the commitment to change their lives can live for a year while going through their program!

  8. Congrats on the latest book! We have a local group who supports people in our are who are going through cancer or other major issues. Each year they host a craft day. I think I get more out of it than I give but I try to always give a little extra.

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  10. My husband and I used to support the local Rescue Mission but since we are on social security, we only support our church.

  11. I work for a relief and development non-profit but another community based organization I love to support is our local youth drop in center.

  12. Love working with the elderly and the homeless. Our church did a program where they come in the church night to sleep. get a meal and shower and a breakfast next morning before they leave. Loved reading and doing activities with the elderly. I also drive them to doctor appointments. We support different children in different countries. I like to make quilts also for the homeless.

  13. My favorite organization to support is Coreluv. They make sure all the money that is donated to them goes directly to the kids!

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