Don’t Blink

Two days ago, our daughter turned 20. In the fall she begins her third year of college. We blinked and our cherub-cheeked baby became a beautiful young woman.

Today is our boys’ last day of high school. At the end of the day we’ll officially have one senior and one junior in the house. In a mere two years, my husband and I will be empty-nesters. We blinked and our boys became respectful young men.

In August my husband and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. Yes, in a blink we’ll be celebrating 25 amazing years together.

I know the coming years will fly by even faster. I pray I can treasure all the coming moments God has planned.

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  1. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it, Bren? Treasuring the moments because they’re fleeting. Only allowed so many of them . . .

    I’m sure they’ll be wise enough not to leave before they’re ready.

    1. Nicole, these past few years I’ve been very cognizant that time is fleeting and have tried to take advantage of all our moments together. Summers have become especially precious.

      I’m blessed by the fact that our kids all enjoy spending time with me and my husband. 🙂 How many parents can say that?

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