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A Thrill in the Air: A Mosaic Christmas Anthology V

Cocoa and carols set the mood of the season, but what lurks beneath the festivities?

All Things New: Stories to Refresh the Soul

When their own mistakes or the actions of others derail the hopes and plans of the men and women in these eight stories, is it too late to find redemption and a fresh start?

A Christmas Homecoming

“Our love story is definitely not typical. It began on a day not unlike this one, when your grandfather was on his way to propose to his girlfriend. Only two weeks later, he proposed to me.”

The Potter’s House Books (Two) – 4, 12, & 20

This special edition box set contains Brenda S. Anderson’s three books in The Potter’s House Books (Two) collection.

The Heart of Christmas: A Mosaic Christmas Anthology III

The rituals stay the same, but if betrayal, illness, unfaithfulness, or tragedy strike, can cherished traditions survive? When unexpected twists throw life out of kilter for the people in these stories, will beloved, time-honored customs lead them back to the heart of Christmas?

Broken Together

She loves her husband enough to fight for his release from prison, but does she love him enough to fight for their marriage?

Season of Hope – The Potter’s House Books (Two) #20

Life is good for Ronnie Coborn. She’s newly married to a man who loves her and dotes on her daughter. A man handpicked by Ronnie’s father, a popular pastor at a megachurch who’s been married to her mother for forty years. Yes, life is good. Until a shocking revelation exposes the fact that everything in her idyllic life—her marriage, family, and faith—is based on a lie.

Before Summer’s End

Home should be the place you run to for shelter from the world, but what if the family members who should love and protect you are the ones who have hurt you the most?

Song of Mercy – The Potter’s House Books (Two) #12

Her insecurity led to shattered relationships and a fractured faith. Can her newfound confidence restore what was broken?

The Potter’s House Books 4, 11, & 18

A woman on a cross-country road trip with the man who once bullied her, a woman seeking a stable place to call home, and a couple learning what it really means to serve. All flawed and broken people who desperately need the Potter's hand molding their lives.

Hands of Grace – The Potter’s House Books (Two) #4

A young woman learns her heart surgeon boyfriend isn't who she thinks he is and finds her life in danger.

Hope is Born, A Mosaic Christmas Anthology

Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but what happens when the past threatens to destroy the peace and joy of the season? When the men and women in these stories face overwhelming challenges in their lives, can hope be restored this Christmas?

A Beautiful Mess (The Mosaic Collection)

" impactful story about the power of faith within flawed, complicated people..." --Publisher's Weekly/Booklife

How can she be a mother to the child—let alone love the child—who broke up her marriage? Does she have the courage to start over yet again and turn this mess into a mosaic of beauty?

Home Another Way (The Potter’s House Books #18)

She’s a senator’s daughter. He’s a convict’s son. Both have a heart for the homeless, but their methods of serving are decidedly different. Can they overcome their differences and learn what it really means to serve and to love?

Coming Home (a Coming Home Series Short Story)

For years Nancy Monroe has anticipated the day when she and her husband would have an empty nest, and they could at last focus on their relationship. Nancy’s also eager to return to the career that had been suspended when they’d had children. After twenty-five years of motherhood, she can finally be more than just a mom. Or can she?

Place Called Home (The Potter’s House Books #11)

All Tessa Chanson ever wanted was a stable place to call home. She thought she'd found that when she moved in with Jared--until his home became her prison. When his control escalates, the only answer is to escape--an escape that's hampered when she falls and fractures her ankle. While building his graphic design company, Nate Brooks is focused on the future he's dreamed of: traveling around the country from the comfort of his renovated school bus. But when he picks up a wounded, mysterious hitchhiker, those well-laid plans take a backseat to protecting her. Hobbled by her injury, Tessa fears she'll never find freedom. Or has she found it with the family who graciously opens their home to her? And will Nate's protection put his family--and his heart--at risk?

Long Way Home (The Potter’s House Books #4)

When Lauren Bauman learns she's sharing a cross-country road trip with a man who once bullied her, her old insecurities surface. But Jet Wurm isn't the boy he had been and he's working on becoming a better man. if she doesn’t find the courage to forgive, will that convince Jet he’s as worthless as he’d always been taught to believe? Or will they learn that real love keeps no record of wrongs?

Where the Heart Is Series Box Set: 3-in-1 Special Edition

An unbeatable value! This 3-in-1 Special Edition Box Set includes all three novels in the contemporary Christian romance Where the Heart Is series. Over 1,000 pages of compelling characters, authentic situations, faith, family, laughter, and tears. Includes Bonus Content--proposal stories--not found in original releases! Includes Risking Love, Capturing Beauty, and Planting Hope.

Planting Hope (Where the Heart Is book #3)

Luke Harrison has spent his life trying to win his father's approval, and when he inherits his Gran's candy store, his father dangles a promotion with one condition: Luke must acquire the land on both sides of the store. Acquiring the land would win his father's favor, but it could also nip a blossoming romance in the bud.

Capturing Beauty (Where the Heart Is book #2)

He's a nature photographer returning to make amends. She's a camera-shy naturalist seeking privacy. Can Haven capture her heart when she won't let him capture her image? And will his poor choices cost Callie her dream job and him the love of his son?

Risking Love

New Cover + Bonus Content!

She holds the key to his heart, and his home. Can she risk falling for a man whose house she may have to take away?

Coming Home Series Box Set: 4 in 1 Special Edition

An unbeatable value! This 4-in-1 Special Edition Box Set includes all four novels in the bestselling, contemporary Christian women's fiction series, the Coming Home Series. Over 1,300 pages of compelling characters, authentic situations, faith, family, laughter, and tears.

Hungry for Home (Coming Home book #3)

Hungry ... Homeless ... Heartbroken ... After a troubling encounter with a pregnant teen, Sheila Peterson-Brooks hurries from the crisis pregnancy center into the frigid Minnesota winter where she is mugged and left for dead. After a frantic search, Richard, her husband, finds her, and the police quickly nab the mugger ... A hungry, homeless teen. The brother of the pregnant girl Sheila had just counseled. The girl pleads for her brother, and Sheila and Richard choose not to press charges. Instead, they open their home to the boy, a move that could cost them their possessions, and their hearts. And, in the process, teach them the true meaning of home.

Memory Box Secrets (Coming Home book #2)

Newlyweds Richard and Sheila Brooks have it all. Sheila is pregnant. Richard’s business is flourishing. Their formerly broken lives have been mended, and life couldn’t be better. Or so they thought. Just a few years ago, Richard had thrived in Manhattan’s fast-paced business world, yet that’s the very place he abandoned his faith. Now that his faith is restored, he never planned to return to that old life. But then the New York corporation that once rejected him calls, begging him to come back. Richard knows returning is unwise, but his gut is telling him to go. Sheila yearns to have something from her childhood to pass on to her child, but when her parents abandoned her years ago, they took all remnants of her past with them. Then, out of the blue, her aging father calls, asking to be let back into her life. Her head screams “no”, but her traitorous heart is saying “yes.” If Richard and Sheila answer these calls from their pasts, will they risk breaking what they’ve spent so much time mending?

Chain of Mercy (Coming Home book #1)

They forgave him for the accident that killed their son, but he will never forgive himself.

Pieces of Granite (Coming Home Prequel)

*** 2012 ACFW Genesis Semi-Finalist *** A family's foundation is shaken when their unborn daughter receives a challenging diagnosis.