Drive-In Nostalgia!

Every summer our family tries to explore a couple of unique sites within our state. Not only is Minnesota blessed with a beautiful and diverse nature landscape, we also have an eclectic art and theater culture. I believe it’s important to give our children a taste of all our state has to offer.

On Saturday we took a road trip to a near-extinct form of entertainment: the drive-in movie. We’ve been wanting to go as a family for a while and finally found a night when one of the two remaining theaters in the Minneapolis area (Cottage View Drive-In, Cottage Grove, MN) was showing two movies that we liked, Brave and The Avengers. We’d seen both before (Avengers 3 times. 😉 ) but knew this would be a completely fresh experience.

And it was very well worth it!

Although we arrived nearly an hour before the movie started, the lot was nearly full. After paying a mere $8 per person (for two new releases!), we backed our minivan into a parking space near the back row, opened our hatch, and pulled out our lawn chairs. The weather was gorgeous, hovering around 80 degrees with a slight breeze. God even painted the sky with a reddish-orange sunset. The sound was perfect coming from our car radio. There’s something very peaceful about sitting outside–wrapped in a blanket–watching a movie.

The experience wasn’t entirely perfect, though. The screen was too dark during some of the darker scenes, and the view was hampered slightly by other minivan hatches. The lights on a car in back of us kept blinking on. The restrooms were few and very crowded.

Still, we all will gladly do it again.

Have you ever been to a drive-in? Do you have any drive-ins near you? Seen any movies recently?

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  1. Nope – I’ve watched a drive in movie partially from a cousins back yard – but have never had the pleasure of a drive in movie. Gotta do that yet 🙂

  2. So I wasn’t the only one who didn’t make it to the Buffalo Drive-In!

    This was my first experience & I loved it! The whole family had a blast and we’ll definitely go back again. If you come down in the summertime, Gayle, we’ll have to road trip to one.

  3. Brenda, do you have any published works? I saw your books tab but did not see any works for sale. I am interested in reading your work.

    Gayle Herve

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