My ACFW Conference To-Do List

It’s hard to believe in just two days I’ll be heading to Dallas. It’s an exciting time and a nerve-wracking time.

I can’t wait to see all my friends again: my fellow bloggers from Inkspirational Messages, my critique partners, Shannon Vannatter and Lorna Seilstad, and all the other authors I’ve friended thanks to the Internet. And, of course, I’ll make new friends!

I can’t wait to worship side-by-side with hundreds of others, our backgrounds and denominations differing, but our praise aimed at the same God. I can’t wait to learn from the experts. And, I admit, I can’t wait until the banquet on Saturday night, anxious to hear if I won the Genesis.

But, until Thursday gets here, I’ll be bustling to mark off the remaining items on my To-Do List. Let’s see, so far I’ve checked off:

✓ Edit (3) synopses

✓ Polish and print (3) proposals

✓ Create and print (7) one-sheets

✓ Put together conference folder

✓ Put together series folders

✓ Put together individual novel presentation booklets

✓ Coordinate schedules & exchange phone numbers with friends

✓ Confirm and print flight and hotel itineraries

✓ Buy a dress for the banquet–I seriously was NOT looking forward to this, but I got to spend an afternoon with my daughter and we found a dress that was perfect.

✓ Buy shoes to match the banquet dress–Ladies, why do you enjoy shoe-shopping so much? I don’t get it! I’d rather eat lutefisk. Well, maybe not that bad … but close.

✓ Purchase those other pesky, but necessary, clothing and/or accessory items that this stay-at-home mom never uses.

Sounds like I’m ready, right? Well, not quite. I have a few items left on my checklist. They’re mostly home oriented, but still important.

  • Pay bills
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Grocery Shop
  • Write Genesis Thank You, just in case
  • Finish reading Opening Moves by Steven James. Stole the book from my slow-reading husband who took the book from me. Reading this may prevent me from completing the first tasks on the list. James is the master of the page-turning, can’t-put-book-down thriller. Opening Moves is no exception, in fact, it may be his best work to date.
  • Try to relax – I think this one’s the most difficult

What about you? Are you ready for the conference? What’s left on your To-Do List?





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  1. Sounds like you’re ready to rumble, Bren. You know what I mean. 😉

    I have no doubt this is going to be a very successful trip for you in so many ways.

    Reading Opening Moves before you go? You will never go, do, sit anywhere alone. Believe me.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I truly appreciate all your support & prayers and I’m blessed with your friendship. 🙂

      Opening Moves is giving me the heebie-jeebies. It’s not a comfortable or enjoyable read, but it’s brilliantly written. What James is saying about humankind is eye-opening.

  2. Likewise your friendship, Bren. And I mean it, I see a great conference for you. Be prayed up. 😉

    I felt uncomfortable several days after reading Opening Moves. It’s another great story – as repulsive and really terrifying as it is. This a common thread for James – about humankind. He illustrates it very well. I know you don’t watch Bones anymore, but last night’s season opener basically demonstrated this same concept with Hodgins and his aftermath conversation with Sweets. I think it’s important to note (which I can’t say is done in any of Steven James’ novels) that the Lord tempers our human-ness, to a degree, with the renewing of our minds and the remake of our hearts. At our core nature we fight what Patrick Bowers fights.

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