Heart-Healthy Devotions

When I began writing Hearts at Risk over two years ago I couldn’t imagine the journey it would take me on, including its recent final in the  ACFW Genesis contest. To be honest, I wrote it to satisfy the market. My general fiction (with a male protagonist) wasn’t garnering interest, largely because of the male protagonist, and my women’s fiction story kept hitting walls, so I said “fine” I’ll write a romance and heart disease will play a central role. Can you think of a better topic for a romantic novel?

Naturally, that led to research, which led me to Go Red for Women. Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? A lot of people don’t. Being overweight, this issue speaks to me quite loudly. While, in general, my health is good–my blood pressure is great, as is my cholesterol–it might not stay that way unless I address my heart health.

Now I believe that a healthy heart has three components: physical heart, emotional heart, and spiritual heart. Oftentimes it’s the ailing emotional or spiritual heart that leads to a broken physical heart. As an emotional eater, I can attest to that.

Starting tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be posting devotions to heal that ailing heart using the Bible and verses that mention heart (the NIV Bible references heart 746 times). If you’re interested in heart healing, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, please stop by on Fridays. And you’re always welcome to share your story.

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