A Heart Offering

“Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. You are to receive the offering for me from each man whose heart prompts him to give.”
Exodus 25:2


What can I offer to God? What does my heart prompt me to give? Oftentimes it’s more than just the dollars and cents in the offering plate. What gifts can I offer or return to Him? What sacrifice can I make for the One who made the ultimate sacrifice?

Starting today, one gift will be time. Time to walk with Him and soak in His spirit. Not only will I be strengthening my physical heart, but my spiritual heart will also build much needed muscle so that soon I’ll be able to place a healthy, physical heart in that offering basket as well.

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  1. I heartily (LOL) dislike walking on my treadmill (I aim for half an hour four to five days a week), but once I started using the time to pray, I fell in love with both the physical and spiritual exercise. I like your picture of putting it in the offering basket. Thanks, Brenda!

  2. I love to walk in nature, unfortunately, being in the suburbs I have to drive to find my nature walks. I have to force myself to walk through the neighborhoods. Thinking of that time as an offering, as a time to pray, makes it much easier.

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