1987 World Series Win – Now that’s a birthday present!

1987 was one of those unforgettable years for me; here are a few of the highlights:

  • April–I became an aunt for the first time.
  • August 8–I got married to Marvin! And we’re still very happily married. 😀
  • October 25–Armed with our Homer Hankies, we watched our Minnesota Twins beat the St. Louis Cardinals, winning the World Series! On my golden birthday! (You do the math.)

As a lifelong, long-suffering Twins fan, that was a surreal moment. To think that I not only had tickets to the World Series, but we won! Wow! I couldn’t ask for a sweeter birthday present!

For those of you who love to reminisce, here are a few pics:

World Champion Minnesota Twins!
We’re Number 1!!!
The players thank the fans
No longer the Twinkies!
Celebratory car ride down Washington Avenue–the first time ever we loved being in a traffic jam. 🙂