Hot Dish Thursday

What’s a hot dish you ask? Well, if you’re asking that question, you likely don’t live in Minnesota where hot dishes are a staple at all potlucks and many family dinners.

A hot dish is created by using a mish-mash of ingredients. Cream of xxxx soups are often involved, as is hamburger, noodles, chicken, rice, veggies, tuna … well, you get the picture. Tater tot hot dish is an all-time favorite here. (Here’s a link to a simple recipe:,1626,155167-241194,00.html). If you live outside of Minnesota, you probably call it a casserole. Honestly, that’s just too fancy for us.

Anyway, as I said above, a hot dish is created by using an assortment of ingredients, which is exactly what I’m going to be delivering to you on Thursdays. Tuesdays I’m talking books, Friday’s are reserved for devotions, that leaves Thursdays to talk about everything else, be it plays, recipes, music, baseball, vacations, Minnesota-isms, or whatever I might find fascinating.

This is the day you’ll get to know who I am.

I hope you’ll stop by every Thursday. I’d love to know you too!

Blogging Schedule:

Book Talk Tuesday: Reserved for all things book related.

Hot Dish Thursday: My free-for-all day to talk about whatever I feel like.

Devotion Friday: A new devotion each week. Right now its focus is on heart health.

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