The Joy of Retreat

Dells Retreat

The view out my patio window. A perfect day to be inside writing.

Oftentimes, there’s nothing better for our mental health than getting away from it all: our work, volunteering, classes, family. I’m blessed to have a bucolic place I can escape to. About once a year, usually in January or February, I head off to Christmas Mountain Village in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin for three to four days. It’s a cozy resort nestled among the trees and hills in Wisconsin, so even though I don’t venture outside, I know my surrounding is peaceful.

The Dells are about a 3-1/2 hour drive from the northern Minneapolis suburbs–the drive is an escape in itself. I plug in my mp3 player and sing out loud to all my favorites from Kutless to VeggieTales. Ahhh.

After checking in, I head to the nearby SuperWalmart for groceries (all the units have full kitchens). Then it’s time to get to work.Dells Retreat 2

There’s no TV. No radio. No people. Only blessed solitude and silence.

(Oh, and did I mention a fireplace and jacuzzi tub?)

I get more accomplished in those few days than I do in a week at home. But, best of all, I’m recharged and ready to take on the rest of the year. Or, part of the year anyway. 😉

What do you do to cleanse the stress from your life? How do you re-charge?

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  1. Looks like the perfect place. And you’re very disciplined to get your work done. I admire that.

    Don’t have a place to run to. Home is it, I guess. No young children anymore. Only a few errands each day. Take care of the horse and dog. I can’t complain, but I’d probably run to the ocean . . .

    1. Oh, I could easily see retreating at the ocean. There’s something incredibly soothing about bodies of water.

      My ideal retreat would be on the shores of Lake Superior in the fall when the leaves are turning and the hawks are flying south. To me, that’s a taste of heaven.

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