Home Improvement Project

Ugly Bath

I’ve been frequenting the home improvement stores lately, hoping to get a glimpse of one of those DIY Network House Crashers crews. Well, maybe not for that exact purpose, but running into them would have been a very nice perk. After all, we have a kitchen and two baths that they could do wonders with. Besides, Matt Muenster of Bath Crashers is from the Twin Cities area and many of his bath crashes take place in town. Why couldn’t it happen to me?

Well, it didn’t, but that’s okay. You see, I have a son who’s taking a marvelous class this trimester: Home Maintenance. This class has taught him basic home maintenance skills (that I somehow lack) including plumbing and electrical wiring. For one class assignment, he had to do a major project at home, and boy did we have a fun job for him!

Check out that ugly bathroom pictured above. (The people who owned this house before us had a love affair with wallpaper, having papered nearly every wall in the house. Thankfully, most of that paper is now long gone.)

Remodeled Bathroom

Anyway, my son was given the task of remodeling that ugly room. He scraped off the wallpaper, spackled holes, primed, painted, changed fixtures, and voila! we have a bathroom I’m not ashamed to let guests use.

And my son got 100% on the project. Who needs Matt Muenster, right?

(Dear Matt Muenster, on the very narrow, nearly impossible chance you happen to read this post, I would heartily welcome you into my home. I’d love for you to knock out some walls and turn our teeny upstairs bath into a spa. My son would love to help you. Maybe his whole class! Just sayin’…)