Teens Read – Week 1

Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in LibraryI’m very fortunate to have three children who love reading–I know too many people whose teens either don’t like reading, or they have difficulty finding novels that are edifying. A number of people have asked me for teen-reading advice, so I went to the source: my kids.

For the next three Book Talk Tuesdays I’ll be spotlighting books / series / authors that my teens have enjoyed or are currently reading. If your teens have discovered novels / authors that meet your parental approval, please share them here.

My daughter left the teens behind two years ago, but she still remembers her favorites. Like her mother :), she prefers an edgier read, but I believe that’s the norm for teens nowadays. I would endorse all of her suggestions:

Diary of a Teenage Girl series by Melody Carlson – This series follows four separate teen girls as they go through life. Very relatable for teens.Diary of a Teenage Girl

True Colors series by Melody Carlson – Each book covers a different difficult issue faced by modern day teens i.e. suicide, eating disorders, and cutting.

True Colors

Rock Star Chronicles by Creston Mapes – Follows the life of a famous rock star who becomes a Christian.

Dark Star

Forbidden Doors series by Bill Myers – Follows a family as they battle with spiritual warfare.

Dark Power collection