Teens Read – Week #2

My middle child is not only a reader, but a gifted writer as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if his name makes it onto a front cover of a book sooner than mine.

And when he is reading, he has excellent taste (if I do say so myself!). So, if you have a teenage son / nephew / grandson / friend / etc. who’s looking for excellent fiction (that’s even parent-endorsed!) check out these series recommended by my son (and before you pass them on, you might just want to read them yourself!):

The KingThe Bowers Files series by Steven James

THE KING, the seventh novel in the Bowers Files, released earlier this month, and it didn’t disappoint. Steven James is a storytelling genius who writes intelligent, page-turning novels, with extraordinarily complex characters, including the villains. Yes, his novels can be gory and creepy, but that’s never glorified. Faith issues are woven in so subtly that James’ books are one of the few that have garnered a reading audience from both the Christian and general markets. James’ books appeal to many ages and both genders.

HurtSolitary Tales series by Travis Thrasher

This series is finding it way through most of our family. Though it’s written for the YA reader, it’s intelligent enough to appeal to adults. Like Steven James, Thrasher writers page-turning novels. Actually, once you’ve read the first book, SOLITARY, you won’t be able to resist heading right into GRAVESTONE, then TEMPTATION, and, finally HURT. Seriously, you won’t be able to stop reading until you reach The End of Hurt.


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  1. Terrific authors. I read Hurt and The King. I know some middle schoolers who could not read The King – too sensitive. In fact, I know a few adults who counldn’t read The King and that whole series. I think Thrasher’s series is a very good one for teens. (And adults.) 😉

    1. Good points, Nicole. I should stress that The King and the rest of the Bowers Files, (and even the Solitary Series), are not for everyone. They’re very intense and macabre at times. If any books could give you nightmares, these could. But, both series show evil as evil. That’s not always done in modern day literature and entertainment.

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