The Stay-At-Home-Mom’s Job Hunt

your careerTwenty-one years ago, just days before my daughter was born (she came 13 days early!), I quit my full time job to be a full-time mom. It wasn’t because we were wealthy. Far from it. We just believed our children would benefit the most from me being there full time.

I briefly held a part-time job as a receptionist at a car dealership, but I spent most of my hours looking for something to do. I also sold Christmas Around the World products for a number of years. It was the perfect job. I worked from July to the first part of December and set my own hours. For years, that work paid for Christmas and it gave me the much-needed break from an otherwise 24-hour-a-day job.

I spent many hours volunteering at school and church. I helped out with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports, etc. When my youngest graduated from elementary school, I decided it was time to contribute to the family’s income and cut back on the volunteering. Just something part time so I could be at home when the kids got off school would be perfect. I picked up an application from the Christian bookstore that had just opened in our city, but rather than fill that out, I started writing.

For over seven years, I’ve been writing and have always been there when my kids got off the bus. Even when they’re teens, that’s important.

But this fall, my two oldest will be in college, the youngest is in his senior year of high school. They all have jobs. And my full-time mom position is coming to an end. 🙁 So, it’s time to look for something different.

I sat at my computer and looked up resume writing for the stay-at-home mom (SAHM). What do you put on it when you have virtually no employment for 21 years? And calling myself a Domestic Engineer or CHO (Chief Home Officer) doesn’t fly. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work, but most of it isn’t resume-worthy. I’m a blogger and unpublished author–I’ll include that, but I wonder how much weight that carries. Does my degree mean anything anymore?

Will I be limited to retail or direct sales? We shall see …

I don’t regret being a SAHM. My kids have grown up respectful and strong in their faith. They’re not afraid to pursue their dreams. They even like spending time with me and my husband! How many parents can say that of their teens & twenty-somethings? So, yeah, no regrets whatsoever.

But now it’s time to move on, follow where God leads. It should be an interesting journey.

Are you a SAHM? Have you returned to work after being a SAHM for a number of years? I’d love to hear your story.