Bits ‘n Pieces

MP900385344[1]I don’t usually blog on Mondays, but there are a few fun tidbits I want to share.

*Author Julie Saffrin (BlessBack: Thank Those Who Shaped Your Life) invited me to guest post at her blog today where I contemplate the Obedience-Driven Life. I’d love for you to stop by and share your opinion.

*My very good friend, Stacy Monson, just announced the signing of a book contract! I’m Snoopy-Dancing for her. 😀 It’s so much fun sharing in my friends’ great news! You can join her celebration at:

*Last Wednesday I accompanied my youngest child on a college visit to NDSU (North Dakota State University). How can it be that my *baby* is looking at colleges? He wants to study architecture, and he wants a school that has an excellent marching band. NDSU has both. No surprise, he loved the school. He also loved the fact that on the meal plan he could eat as much as he wanted–that includes ice cream. I said that’s fine as long as he makes generous use of the fitness center too. 😉

Anything new and exciting going on in your life right now?

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