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In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

On Monday, I was privileged to be a guest blogger at Julie Saffrin‘s BlessBack page and talked about a topic that’s been niggling me lately: living an obedience-driven life. (Read the post <here>) While I know being obedient is what I need to do, following through isn’t all that easy. Actually, it’s downright difficult, and at times, it seems impossible.

As often happens when I struggle with something, I hear a song that expresses my feelings far better than I can do myself. This afternoon, as I was driving home from a writing retreat, I heard Third Day‘s Revelation. Every word was spot on, and they became my prayer.

If you feel lost, if you’re struggling with following or locating the path God has laid out for you, if the road you’ve been traveling is dark, twisted, broken, and seems to be leading you nowhere, you are not alone. Listen to and pray the words to Revelation. You may not immediately find your path, but I trust you’ll find the same hope–the same home I found.

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  1. Great song. Love Third Day. You’ve hit on some truly important points in this post, Bren. Obedience isn’t the easy path, but it’s the best. How hard it is to be our “best”. Sometimes we do the opposite – and inevitably suffer the consequences. When we can understand the blessing that follows obedience and that obedience is what will be FOR our best, it can make the revelation a reality. Still a hard lesson for those of us sparring with the demands of the flesh . . .

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