What Do You Read?

Pile of BooksWhich do you prefer?

Fiction or Non-fiction?

Contemporary or Historical?

Comedic or Serious?

Literary or Popular?

Christian or General Market?

First Person or Third?

New Author or Veteran?

Actual Book or eReader?

Classic or Current?

Paperback or Hardcover?

My answers: Fiction, Contemporary, Serious, Literary, Christian, Third Person, Both, Actual Book, Current, Paperback

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  1. I started out answering your questions, then realized that after the FIRST question (fiction, by the way), I could say BOTH to everything else! I’m currently reading “The Hero’s Lot” (Patrick W. Carr), medieval fantasy, on my iPad with the Kindle app, but just finished both “Love’s Awakening” (Laura Frantz) and “To Whisper Her Name” (Tamera Alexander), both historicals, in paperback!

  2. Fiction or Non-fiction? 99% fiction and 1% non-fiction

    Contemporary or Historical? both equally

    Comedic or Serious? both

    Literary or Popular? both

    Christian or General Market? 90% Christian and 10% general

    First Person or Third? both

    New Author or Veteran? mostly Veteran, but try new if it catches my attention by the cover or a favorite author recommendation

    Actual Book or eReader? Actual book first, but do like eReader sometimes

    Classic or Current? both

    Paperback or Hardcover? Hardcover if it’s a classic; paperback otherwise

  3. These are my choices if I had to pick:
    fiction, historical, comedic, popular, christian, third (I actually have a hard time reading first person), both, actual, current and paperback.

    1. I’m with you regarding 1st person–it can be very difficult to read if it isn’t written well. The goal is to write so that the reader doesn’t process the fact that it’s 1st person–few authors achieve that.

  4. I understand that some people have had difficulty commenting on this post–I sincerely apologize for that. I’m trying to figure out why some can comment, while others can’t, but so far it remains a mystery.

    Regardless, thank you for stopping by!

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