The Reason We Sing

ThankYouThank you!

Those two words seem inadequate, but I doubt additional words would say it better, so I simply say, Thank You!

Thank you, readers, for the overwhelming response to my post this past Tuesday. So many came running to help me–a nobody, really. Someone just singing the song God gave them to sing. It always amazes me when people listen.

So, thank you!

And let me encourage you to sing your song, to write your story, use your gifts. And Never Give Up.

God gave you your song, one that’s unique to you, and by singing it, even if no one hears but our Lord, He is glorified.


The following is a rather old song (released in 1987 by First Call), but the words are timeless.

The Reason We Sing
by Dick and Melodie Tunney
(Listen <here> on YouTube)

He has brought us together
Each of us a different gift to bring.
We’ll serve Him forever
Even if the cost is everything.
He has called us to be faithful,
So with one heart we give this offering. 


The reason we sing,
The reason we lift our voice,
Is more than just making harmony.
The reason we sing
Is to praise the one who gave His Son to be
The reason we sing.


It’s more than just an emotion,
His spirit gives us joy that we can’t hide.
We will not be silent,
We’ve got to let the world hear what’s inside.
And as we praise Him with our music,
Jesus is the one we glorify.

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