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Twitter Hatchling-256x256Well, I finally broke down and did it: I joined Twitter. Albeit, I did not join without a great deal of groaning and stalling, but I figured now that I actually have a book coming out, it was time to become a Twitter hatchling.

So, if you’re already on the Twittersphere or Twitterverse or whatever people call it, I’d love it if you’d Follow me. Just click <https://twitter.com/BrendaSAnders_n> to reach my profile.

And a reminder that you can also:

Thank You!

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  1. Ms. Anderson,

    You are not alone in being concerned about braving the seas of Twitter! 🙂 I was firmly planted on the opposite side of the fence when it came to sync’ing my blog into a Twitter account! Just ask my close personal friends! Laughs. My preferences are: ‘twitterland’ and “twitterverse’, however I actually helped another newbie imparting my own observations recently on how to handle tweeting: Jorie’s Advice for Tweets I truly cannot even express to you why I took to Twitter as easily I did, except to say, I am quite an extroverted chatterbox, who loves to converse about books & writers, as much as I get to reveal bits of my personality outside the scope of my blog! For instance, I *only!* follow people I am keen on personally &/or whom find me and I find a common thread between us. Perhaps if they are an emerging writer ahead of publication (wink, wink) I love the heart of their stories based on their premise. I never, ever follow back just for the sake of following someone! I’d rather curate followers who are generally interested in me verse having this huge list of “statistic followers!” 🙁

    I use ‘just unfollow’ to track who stays & goes but I never tweet the results. Its just for my own personal knowledge. Sometimes if I’m busy I didn’t even get to visit new followers, so I go back through the list to see if I missed someone I might rather stay in touch with, etc.

    The Twitter chats are my *favourites* though! Esp #LitChat on Mondays & Wednes. at 4p EST? Wow. I’m addicted! I’m finding others too, where I have a niche, but mostly, I appreciate the interaction with writers & authors, as well as the bookish blogosphere community. Its the community I wasn’t expecting to find shift out of the blogosphere and into the twitterland! A very *happy surprise!* indeed!

    1. I’m the opposite of you, Jorie! I’m not a chatterbox at all.

      I’m approaching followers like you, though. In order for me to *follow* them, I have to be familiar with them in some way. I won’t just follow to build up my statistics.

      I’ll have to check out #litchat! Sounds interesting.

      1. Hallo Ms. Anderson!

        Except that you are always so engaging through your blog and are very approachable — I think you’ll find your niche with tweeting as you go forward with it. Even if your not a chatterbox, you always have a lot to share about books & authors, some of which I was thankful I had crossed paths with through your postings!

        I had a feeling you might feel the same about followers, as I know everyone makes their own choice in that regard. And, I’d be plumb delighted to see you drop in on #LitChat! Its always changing each week, between the topics & the authors they interview! Generally, (as I had forgotten to say!) Mondays are Media/Publishing Topics whereas Wednes. are Interviews & Q&A with tweeting readers! 🙂 They have a dedicated Nurph chat-room I can help you sort out as well! Helps me keep up with the multitude as sometimes they get ‘chatty!’ Not always, today was more relaxed!


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