A Season of Lasts

MP900398817[1]To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven… Ecclesiastes 3:1

With my oldest child about to graduate from college and the youngest from high school, this past school year has been a season of lasts. They’ve already had their last …

  • Marching band event
  • College Christmas concert
  • High school holiday concert
  • Jazz band concert
  • Bethel band concert

(Yes, our family likes music!)

In the next few months we’ll experience

  • Our daughter’s last college musical
  • Her last college choir concert
  • Her senior recital
  • Our son will have his final band concert. The last high school concert–band or choir–we’ll have a child participate in. (sniff)
  • And then we’ll celebrate their graduations. (sigh)

All these lasts are tough.

But …

With these lasts come exciting–if not frightening–beginnings.

My daughter will soon have full-time employment (praying so…) She wants to be active in theater and music. I’ve no doubt she will be.

Our son will move three hours away studying architecture and participating in every band opportunity he can squeeze in.

They’ll each experience a new independence, with new chances to succeed or fall on their face. Regardless, I’ll be there for them.

Just as God is with us through all of our seasons: our lasts and our beginnings, our successes and failures, and everything in between. These seasons may seem tough, and some may last longer than others, but it’s in life’s seasons that we grow. And when one comes to an end, we always have a new season to look forward to!

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  1. Thank you, Nicole. The changes are bittersweet. Part of me doesn’t like seeing them grow up, but I’m so proud of who they’ve become! Let’s just say it’s not so much about what Marv & I have done, but how God has worked in their lives.

  2. But this means that I get to show Brandon the wonder that is Fargo-Moorhead 🙂 I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

  3. You put it just the way it happens. It’s exciting….yet but many changes in unfamiliar territory. It works out just as we have to trust it will. I always love how you can describe everything so perfectly.

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