Chain of Mercy Playlist – Song #1

MP900438700[1]Music has always been a big part of my life, having grown up in a family that has often sung together. My parents would even sing duets when we’d go on day driving trips. Now, I have a daughter who’s a vocal performance major. Music keeps playing on.

So, it’s no surprise that each of my novels has its own playlist. Right now I have six titles on my Chain of Mercy playlist, six songs that add dimension to my story–for the next six weeks I’ll introduce you to a song and talk briefly about how it fits into the novel’s theme.

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
by Phillips, Craig & Dean

If only you’d forgive yourself…

Heartbeat - 2

Those first words from this song perfectly capture my hero’s journey. Richard Brooks has been forgiven, but refuses to forgive himself, he refuses to accept the freedom gifted to him by our Savior, and he has to allow his heart to beat again. It’s a painful journey, but a necessary one, one that mends and strengthens a broken heart.

I hope you will join Richard Brooks on this journey.

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