AXIS Dance Company at the Ordway

AXIS Dance Company

AXIS Dance Company. Photo Credit: Andrea Basile

I’ll preface this review by saying that the extent of my dance knowledge doesn’t go beyond watching theatrical musicals or Dancing With the Stars, so you can take this review for what it’s worth.

I attended the AXIS Dance Company performance at the Ordway with my daughter, both of us filled with high hopes of seeing an inspiring performance. AXIS is renowned for paving the way for a contemporary dance form called physically integrated dance. The dance company includes seven dancers, with and without disabilities–which included dancers in wheelchairs. So, yes, that was very inspiring!

But unfortunately, the stories told by the talented performers left us feeling flat or confused much of the time. We were uncertain what they were trying to tell us, particularly during the first half. After intermission, the dancing was physical and beautiful, but the story was depressing and contained suggestive scenes not appropriate for children. So, a show that’s meant to inspire, left us feeling down.

If you enjoy contemporary dance, then this show would be for you. While we greatly appreciated the dancers’ talent, it’s not a show I would recommend, particularly to families with young children.

I would like to thank the Ordway Theater for providing this opportunity to review the AXIS Dance Company performance. I have given my honest opinion regarding this performance.

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