Abundantly Blessed!

With Chain of Mercy coverGoing into my book launch last Thursday, I had no idea what to expect. Would anyone show up? Would they purchase books? My daughter only had a couple days to practice the music, and really only 15 minutes with the pianist (because we left the keyboard cord at home and my husband had to rush home to get it!)–would that be enough time? And, besides, I’m not someone who relishes being the center of attention. Would I stumble over my readings? Would the audience get bored?

Well, the answer to all the above questions is that I’m abundantly blessed. I’m so very grateful to all who were able to make it in person and in spirit. I’m thankful to my daughter’s friend for agreeing to accompany her, with one day’s notice! I’m thankful for my dear friend, Stacy Monson, who emceed the program taking all the stress off of me. And I’m thankful for all the phone calls and the Facebook congrats and for church members who stop me and tell me how much they’re enjoying Chain of Mercy. It’s wonderful and humbling. To think that God can use me to share more of Him. Wow!

Yes, I am blessed!

Me and my husband (600 x 450)

With my husband


Glimpse at the crowd & my musicians

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  1. We’ve all been blessed to know you and join you in your celebration. God has blessed you with a story to tell, and I’m so glad you listened to your heart. Hugs from Iowa, my friend!

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