It Happened in a Blink

Time FliesYesterday our youngest had his last day of high school. Forever. He graduates on Sunday, then in the fall, he heads off to college.

I look back over his 18+ years and wonder where did the time go? What happened to that roly-poly baby, that twinkling-eyed toddler?

He’s now a young man whom I look up to, both literally and figuratively.

And, it’s true, it happened in a blink.

The time did fly by, and as a family, we tried to capture each moment, to take vacations together, tour our state, catch baseball games, movies. And our kids have grown up liking us, even now! Best of all, they’ve all grown in their faith.

For those of you just beginning this journey with your children, don’t take your time together for granted, because when you blink, that precious time will have passed.

by Revive

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