Reading on the Road

Last week our family took a much-needed vacation. After two months of graduations and birthdays and last concerts and a book launch, we finally had time to breathe. We spent the first part of the week in Branson, Missouri. LOVE the Ozarks! What amazing beauty! Then we spent the final couple of days in Kansas City, MO, visiting Worlds of Fun. One of my goals for the week was to read. A lot. I completed three books–not quite what I was hoping for, but time spent with family took precedence.

If you’re looking for some good summer reads, then check these out:

UNRAVELED by Heidi McCahan

Unraveled by Heidi McCahan

Overlooking Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO

 A WOMAN OF FORTUNE by Kellie Coates Gilbert

A Woman of Fortune by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Mamba Roller Coaster at Worlds of Fun in background

WISH by Jake Smith

Wish by Jake Smith

Mamba Roller Coaster at Worlds of Fun in background

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    1. Yeah, I guess three books isn’t too bad, though my goal was at least four. 😉 As for favorites, it would be between Unraveled and A Woman of Fortune. Both excellent reads, both showing the messy side of life, which you know I love. Wish was too slow for me, but it’s getting rave reviews on Amazon.

    1. You’re very welcome, Heidi! And feel free to *take* the picture of Unraveled.

      I hope you enjoy Kellie Coates Gilbert’s writing as I do. I loved her debut book Mother of Pearl. A Woman of Fortune has a different flavor, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      So glad you’re liking Chain of Mercy! 🙂

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