Gone With the Wind on the Big Screen!

IMovie Theatert’s no secret that I love seeing movies on the big screen. I love the atmosphere, the surround sound, the comfort. Plus, watching a movie uninterrupted by the phone or family members is always a luxury. (Oh, and I enjoy movie theater popcorn too, btw.)

So, when I learned that Gone With the Wind was celebrating its 75th Anniversary by showing at several screens around the US, I immediately purchased tickets for me and my daughter.

Gone With the WindAs expected, it was an amazing experience. Viewing this classic with its rich settings and costumes and larger-than-life characters was a dream come true. Seriously. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening.

Now, I wonder when The Wizard of Oz will come to the movie theater again …

Is there a movie you’d love to see return to the big screen?

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