When Publishing Takes Plot Twists

Plot TwistIf you follow my site closely, you might know that today is the day Pieces of Granite (Coming Home series prequel) was supposed to release. As you can tell, that hasn’t happened. You see, within this past month, my publishing journey has been affected by a slight plot twist.

Without boring you with a long story, I’m announcing that I’m going indie with my own press, Vivant Press. This is not something I’d ever planned on, yet circumstances dictate that it’s the best way to go at this time in my career. I won’t be going it alone, though, as I’ll still be partnering with my gracious publisher for the final three books–they’re doing the cover and interior design, for which I am very grateful. Soon I hope to reveal that cover which I know will be beautiful.

So, for those of you who’ve asked about Pieces of Granite, you’ll have to wait another month with my launch date set for Tuesday, November 18. Thank you for your patience!

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