Chain of Mercy … Six Months Later

Chain of MercyIt’s hard to believe that yesterday was Chain of Mercy‘s six-month birthday. In a way it seems as if it just released yesterday, but then it feels like it’s been out for forever.

For the most part, it’s been a good six months. I’ve received tremendous encouragement from readers and writers alike. I’ve heard from people who’ve experienced similar situations to my characters, and not only said I got it right, but that my characters’ journeys helped them in their faith walk. That’s what this is all about, right?

Chain of Mercy - back coverOne of the biggest compliments I received came after my book launch in May. This reader asked if I’d been to the pier I describe in the third scene. I told him “no”, that I used Google Earth and other web searches to get the feel for the place. This reader was surprised as he grew up by that pier and said I described the area perfectly. How cool is that?!

And, of course, there’s been the down sides. Marketing–never fun for us introverted types. Sales have been very bland, probably due in part to that marketing problem. 😉

And then, there’s the issue with my struggling publisher.

The important thing to remember through all of this is that God is in Control. Whatever successes I may have, be they worldly or God-defined successes, to God be the glory. And even in failures, God will be glorified.

I’m grateful to you, my readers and friends, who have prayed, encouraged, and supported me on this journey. I am immensely blessed!

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  1. The story of our journey is unique to each of us. Why do some receive the ongoing stream of sales and popularity and others of us don’t? It’s a question we ponder as we go along, but when you’re committed to experiencing God’s truth and meaning along the way, following His direction and instruction, those insignificant – albeit hard to endure – matters slip away. Bren, you’re faithful and obedient, a blessing to many of us, and you couldn’t be more important to the Lord than you are right now. Keep on keepin’ on. He won’t let you down.

    1. So true, Nicole. The journey is unique to each of us–it’s so easy falling into the comparison trap!

      Thank God for friends like you who help keep this journey in its proper perspective. It’s having friends traveling alongside us that makes this journey fun; and with friends, the desert miles seem to go by much faster.

  2. God is faithful and YOU are faithful to Him. He continues to lead, you continue to follow. Such a powerful testimony in how you continue to persevere though the journey is long and difficult. Here’s to amazing sales with the rest of the series.

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