2015 INSPY Nominations Open!

INSPY LogoMy favorite book award for Christian literature has to be the INSPY Award (The Bloggers Award for Excellence in Faith-Driven Fiction). While I respect the Carol and the Christy, the INSPYs expand their reach by receiving nominations from both Christian booksellers and the general marketplace.

I’m also partial to the INPSYs as I was privileged to be a judge in the general market category back in 2011. I know what the process is and respect it.

Nominating your favorite book is easy. Just go >here< and fill in Title, Author, Publisher, Category, Publication Month, 13 Digit ISBN, & Reason for Nomination.

Chain of MercyNow, I would dearly love it if one of my readers would nominate Chain of Mercy for an Inspy. (Pieces of Granite does not qualify as it is indie-published.) I’ll even make it easy for you–here’s all the info you need:

  • Author: Brenda S. Anderson
  • Publisher: Winslet Press
  • Category: Debut Novel or General Fiction of Contemporary Romance
  • Publication Month: April
  • ISBN: 978-0985723576
  • Reason for Nomination: Well, that’s up to you. 🙂

Thank you!

And have a fun and safe New Years Celebration!

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  1. Hallo, Hallo Ms Anderson!

    I *knew!* as soon as I had read “Chain of Mercy” this was going to be the VERY first INSPY Award ballot choice I would cast for the 2015 INSPY Awards! I attempted to be one of the judges in 2014 but I was not chosen and asked to re-submit for 2015 which I look forward to doing! However, you know how much this debut novel of yours touched my heart, mind, and soul — how could I not want to shout to the world the beauty of what you gave to us and the story which is enriched with a realistic edge of contemporary life fused with faith?

    Bless you for blogging about the INSPY Awards! With everything on my plate lately, I missed the tweets! I just got back online to be honest, and I was browsing my blogs I read by email? Spied yours, opened it, jumped to the site, submitted “Chain of Mercy”, and then remembered! Whoopsie! Did someone else already do that?! Did someone beat me to the punch?! (this occurs to me AFTER I tweeted you!) Nope! Checked the list, did not see your novel, and tweeted out the ‘all clear’!!

    I’ve submitted three more since then, and working my way down the list! The only hard part is realising there are a handful of others I cannot nominate! 🙁 So sad! (the rules are one category choice per nominating person)

    All in all — YOUR nominated! What wicked sweet joy for me!

    (it was such a long, long wait!)

    1. Jorie – You are so sweet! I love your enthusiasm, and I’m humbled that you enjoyed Chain of Mercy so much!

      Thank you, thank you for helping spread the word. You bless me!

      All glory to God!

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