Favorite Easter Hymns

OrganI grew up in a very traditional church, in terms of worship. We followed the liturgy from the hymnal and sang three to four hymns every Sunday. To many, I know that sounds very boring, and yes there were plenty of times when the service was a yawner (to be fair, contemporary worship services have plenty of snooze-moments too, but that’s a topic for another day …).

The Easter service at my church, though, was never stale. I remember walking into service with the choir singing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”, accompanied with the pipe organ. Many an Easter Sunday, I found it difficult to get through the piece, as God’s presence was so tangible.

There’s a reverence and majesty in those old hymns I just don’t feel with the repetitive pop music now used. The church we now attend has a very contemporary worship service, which is … nice … but for me it lacks the awe inspired by hymns, soprano descants, organ music, and brass that makes even this stoic Scandihoovian tear up.

The other day I was thinking about those old hymns we’d sing every Easter Sunday and the Sundays following Easter, and I had to look them up on YouTube. It’s nice to see that churches and choirs are still singing them. I’ve linked several below. Also, on my Facebook Brenda S. Anderson Author page, I’m going to start posting an Easter song of the day. Yes, I’ll include some of these old favorites, and I’ll also include several newer pieces. Should be fun!

Do you have any favorite Easter music?


I Know That My Redeemer Lives by Sam Medley

Lift High the Cross by George W. Kitchin

Thine Be The Glory by Edmund Budry, music by Handel


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