Ebook Pricing Perspectives

Price tagJust to put a little perspective on the price of books, here are prices of one-time-use purchases I’ve made lately, barely blinking at the cost:

Yet, I often hear complaints about the cost of ebooks, a product that you can keep forever and enjoy over and over again. Guess which I think is the better value? 🙂

My Coming Home Series:

What one-time-use purchases have you made lately?

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  1. Complaining about e-book prices? Wow. Most are below $5 unless you get debut or new novels from the bigger authors and publishing houses. Nothing could be more convenient than the instant order and gratification of receiving it in a matter of minutes. I’ve spent over $6 for one e-book once. Most have been of the free to $2.99 variety from unknown to well-known authors. Definitely good value in e-books.

    1. When you can download so many ebooks for free or 99¢, people get used to that, and then think all ebooks should be that low. Ridiculous, I know. I think I’ve only spent more than $5.99 once, too. Can you think of anything with better value than a book?

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