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I “met” Nicole Petrino-Salter several years back via her excellent blog, Into the Fire. Here was a fellow author who shared many of the same thoughts I did about the state of Christian fiction. She’s also a huge fan of one of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn. Since meeting her, Nicole has become a dear friend, one whom I can share my praises and complaints with, a friend who is a tremendous encourager and prayer warrior. Someday I hope to meet her in person!

Nicole Petrino-SalterAbout Nicole ~

Nicole Petrino-Salter writes love stories with a passion. After spending over 30 years in Thoroughbred horse racing, she wrote her first novel Hope of Glory about racing and life on the track. Since then she has written several books. Nicole lives just south of Seattle, Washington, and is devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, her family, friends, pets, and writing novels for His glory. You can find her most days at

Connect with Nicole ~

Blog | Twitter

Nicole’s Novels ~

Sweet Release | Destination | The Famous One | Breath of Life | Hope of Glory

Question of the Day: Do you prefer paperback, hard cover, or ebook?

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  1. So sweet of you, Bren. Many thanks for all you’ve done for ME! Very happy to be a part of your terrific and well-deserved celebration. Keep writing the desires of your heart.

    I do hope to meet you one of these days this side of heaven and give you a big hug!

  2. I am gonna say e books right now. Ive been known to read late in the night while hubs snores. The ebook doesn’t require a lamp on.

  3. I prefer a paperback book. Some might think I am old school. I lived with no electricity during a hurricane for 3 days and that helped me to remember we shouldn’t be totally dependent on technology.

  4. I prefer hardcover or paperback as apposed to ebook, but I have a slew of ebooks on my tablet yet to read as well as paperback books.

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