Reader Spotlight on Connie!

Connie Ruggles

Today I’m honored to present to you voracious reader and vocal author cheerleader, Connie Ruggles! Like so many of my boosters, Connie supports dozens of other writers. She is a gift!

~ Connie’s Favorite Things ~

ConnieType of Book: No favorite. Love suspense, Amish, mystery, cozy, police procedurals…

Book: No favorite. Too many good ones!

Author:  Too many to name here. Jane Kirkpatrick was one of the first faves, but now I love so many.

Movie: Home Alone is the only movie I have ever watched more than once.

Entrée: Lobster is my absolute favorite.

Dessert: No favorite. I like the different seasonal ones, apple pie, pumpkin anything, strawberry shortcake, etc.

Chocolate: The only chocolate I don’t like is bittersweet chocolate.

Restaurant: In the summer, we like a little fish shack that only serves fried haddock and French fries. She doesn’t sell drinks or desserts or anything else.

Beverage: Coffee

Season: Spring and Fall are nearly tied.

Animal: I love tigers. They are so majestic.

Type of Music: Country music or praise and worship.

Song: No all time favorite.

Musician: Too many. Love Alabama, the Gatlin Brothers, Third Day.

Bible Verse: Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Color: I like all colors, even white and black. They all have their places.

Item to Collect: I am trying so hard not to be a collector in this season of life. But books!! And favorite authors!!

Hobby: Reading.

Flower: I love flowers. Can’t say I’d pick any one out. Probably what’s blooming right now..whenever “now” is.

Holiday: Thanksgiving and Easter are pretty well tied.

Vacation Location: The beach!!!

Add your own: My favorite activity is anything that involves any of my four grandchildren. They rock my world!!!

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