Free Gift to Readers

Free Gift to Readers

The greatest gift an author can receive is encouragement and kind words from our readers. Those words are a balm to a an oft-insecure soul.

I pondered what I could give back to my faithful readers at Christmas, and what better than a free gift of a story–or two?!  Because Planting Hope (Where the Heart Is #3) had a proposal story at the end, I thought it would be fun to discover what the proposal stories were for Lissa & Caleb and Haven & Callie. And thus, A Risky Proposal and A Priceless Proposal were born!

To read the mini-stories, you don’t have to sign up for a newsletter. You don’t even have to purchase any books. You just have to go to BookFunnel and download. (You might have to download the BookFunnel app too.)

As these mini-stories take place at the end of Risking Love and Capturing Beauty, respectively, it certainly does help to read the novels first, but that’s up to you.



Happy Reading!

Other Notes:

RISKING LOVEYou can download Risking Love for FREE by signing up for my newsletter:

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