A Home for Christmas Challenge: Epilogue

Imagine my surprise when I read through The Home for Christmas Challenge (a short story in A Thrill in the Air) and discovered the epilogue was missing! Without it, the readers got a complete story, but they missed the best part. Just like if you lift the cover on a pan of brownies only to see that the frosting was missing, you’d be mightily disappointed. While the brownie is good on its own, it’s delectable with the frosting.

I couldn’t just leave Lee and Elise’s story hanging, so I had to get this epilogue to you somehow!

Follow the link below to BookFunnel. You can opt in to receive my newsletter if you wish, but it’s not required to receive the epilogue. There’s no obligation.

If you haven’t read The Home for Christmas Challenge, you can find it in The Mosaic Collection’s latest Christmas anthology, A Thrill in the Air. This anthology is packed with eight beautiful, clever, funny, tear-jerker, and suspenseful stories of faith and reconciliation that you will not want to miss. It’s a perfect read for this Christmas season.

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas!

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