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  1. Hi Brenda! I tried to leave a comment under today’s post but it looked like the comments had been turned off. Anyway, thanks for mentioning Wings of Glass in your anticipated novels post. It looks like you and I have the same taste. I’m looking forward to some of reading some of the same!

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      Hi Gina! So glad you stopped by! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both of your previous releases–I love your style, your characterization, your emotion-laced stories. I’m sure Wings of Glass will be equally as good. Can’t wait to pick it up!

      Thanks for letting me know about the problem with comments. I’m not certain why it wasn’t working for you–it’s working on my end. Something for me to keep my eye on…

  2. Hi Brenda.
    WAs on Stacys site and read a little about you on that…I am enjoying getting to know you through MN nice.
    Can’t wait to read some of your work.
    You are already such an inspiration to me.

    I am learning much about this craft of writing.
    One thing for certain….patience!
    Take care

    1. Hi Gail!

      I really enjoyed talking with you at our last meeting. 🙂 We love having another Wisconsinite join us! And your enthusiasm for learning the craft is contagious. I might have to dig out some of my craft books again.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sonny tells me you have recent success with four books. Please tell me how I can download them to my Nook. CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Hi Aunt Arlene,

      Yes, I have had some recent success! But that still involves a period of waiting until the books release. I hope to make an official announcement about my good news very soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Brenda. Congratuations on your new books. I will look forward to reading them. I feel we have a lot in common. I write inspirational stories to help the sad hurt and lonely my writing site is called TruthinFiction Shirley KalpinOlson also MN_Nice member (occasionally)

  5. Hi, how are you? I hope well. I absolutely loved Pieces Of Granite and Chain Of Mercy. I know some authors gift you a book for a honest review. I was wondering if you do that?

    Alicia Kay

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      Hi Alicia,

      So glad you enjoyed Pieces & Chain! Makes my day hearing that. 😀

      I’m sending you an email about my Street Team. Would love to have you join it!


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