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Come January 22, 2013, 40 years will have passed since the Roe v. Wade decision. I’m not typically an outspoken person, but it’s very difficult to remain silent when so many innocent lives are still being taken.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the scope of this decision, here’s a peek into the 2011 – 2012 Annual Report from Planned Parenthood, the United States largest abortion provider.

This report shows that abortion services accounted for only 3% of services they provided. (See page 4 of the report)

Only 3% … That doesn’t so bad, does it?

Well, let’s look at that statistic from a different angle. That same report says that in 2011 they performed 333,964 abortion services. (See page 5 of the report) 

Let’s break that down a bit more.

That means Planned Parenthood alone performed …

27,830.33 abortions per month

6,422.38 abortions per week

914.97 abortions per day

38.12 abortions per hour

0.64 abortions per minute


1 abortion every 94.4 seconds.

1 life intentionally snuffed out every 94.4 seconds.

Only 3% …

Sounds like 3% too many.

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  1. It’s murder. We can dress it up in putrid colors, but it’s still babies killed in the womb when it’s finally undressed. The liberal left loves to cite rape and incest and the mother’s life as their primary “incentives” for abortion when these tragic incidents number less than one percent of abortions. The originator of Planned Parenthood was a population control racist, and if the numbers of abortion are broken down even further, the African-American population holds the largest percentage. Sad to think the intent of the evil woman who designed Planned Parenthood could be succeeding in her aims.

    1. I’ll never get it, Nicole. And so many people want to make it a *religious* issue, when science proves there’s a life. That’s why Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former-abortion provider (over 75,000 abortions performed) and founder of NARAL, did a 180. When he witnessed what an ultrasound showed, he couldn’t deny that was a life he’d been taking.

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