A Not-So-Tiny Number

Pregnant woman3%

Seems like a tiny number, doesn’t it? Think about it, if someone offered you 3% of their French silk pie, you wouldn’t feel too grateful. I know I wouldn’t.

So, when Planned Parenthood (the United States’ largest abortion provider) announced that once again abortion accounted for only 3% of their service pie (see page 14 of their annual report–link below), they assumed we’d be pleased with that minuscule number.

Well, let’s look at that number a little more closely …

According to Planned Parenthood’s 2012-2013 Annual Report, they performed 327,166 abortion procedures during their fiscal year. (see page 15).

So that means Planned Parenthood alone performed …

27,263.83 abortions per month

6,291.65 abortions per week

896.35 abortions per day

37.35 abortions per hour

0.62 abortions per minute


1 abortion every 96.77 seconds.

1 unduplicable life intentionally taken every 96.77 seconds

Just 3% …

Guess that number isn’t so small after all.

(See last year’s figures here)


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  1. So sad. These are LIVES. Perhaps the next President of the US. Or a researcher who would have found the cure for cancer. Or someone who would have been a good friend, mother, daughter, employee, neighbor.

  2. It just breaks my heart. I’ll never understand the mentality that says the fetus isn’t a human life.

    I should mention that there are phenomenal programs such as New Life Family Services in Minnesota (www.NLFS.org) that will help women, men, couples through all aspects of the unwanted pregnancy, including post-pregnancy and adoption. We need to lift those programs up.

  3. I’ll share a few more numbers:
    Most clinics are only open 40 hours per week – that means there are actually 78.65 babies murdered every operating hour.
    Most clinic are only open 5 days a week – that means there are actually 1258.33 babies murdered every day they are open.
    There are about 850 “clinics” in the U.S. – that means there are 1.5 babies killed every day in every clinic across the United States. That’s 7.5 babies murdered every week of operation in each one of the 850 clinics in the U.S. And that’s 390 babies killed during 2012-13 by each individual clinic that was open for business. The average American graduating senior class size is 225. Every Planned Parenthood clinic in the United States, by itself, kills 1.7 times the number of students in the average graduating class – That’s almost 2 entire senior classes eliminated each year by 1 small clinic!!!

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