The Reader’s Menu

***Read below to find out if you’re the winner of Dani Pettrey’s SUBMERGED***

What kind of books are on your novel menu?

Do you enjoy stories with plenty of meat? Books you can sink your teeth into, that aren’t afraid to dig into gritty issues. Stories that might make you uncomfortable at times, ones that make you think.

Or do you prefer a vegetarian novel? Light, sweet books that have a happily-ever-after ending. Books that help you wind down and relax after a stressful day.

Do you enjoy fast-food stories? Books that are quick reads, that are light on prose, and sparse on words.

Or would you rather pick up a sit-down dining novel? One that you can sit down, relax, and sink your teeth into without rushing through it. One in which you want to savor every word.

Do you prefer diet reading? Books where every single word digested means something and is important. They’re very lean, yet good for you.

Or would you choose a book that’s high in fat? Stories where the flavor bursts out in the abundance of words.

Do you like to stick with a few specific flavors? Novels from a single genre or style.

Or do you taste from a variety of tomes?

Personally, I enjoy a sit-down-dining novel, preferably steak–topped with butter–and an array of sides. That’s a book I could sink my teeth into. But, I love to sample a variety!

How would you describe your reading tastes?


And the winner of Dani Pettrey‘s Submerged is …

Patty H!

Patty, please contact me at BrendaBryantAnderson (AT) comcast (DOT) net with your mailing address.

I thank EVERYONE for stopping by and sharing what they’re reading. I hope you’ll visit again. 🙂