Wanting to be Invisible


INVISIBLE by Ginny Yttrup
B&H Books
ISBN: 9781433671685


Publisher’s Description:

     Ellyn DeMoss — chef, café owner, and lover of butter — is hiding behind her extra weight. But what is she hiding? While Ellyn sees the good in others, she has only condemnation for herself. So when a handsome widower claims he’s attracted to Ellyn, she’s certain there’s something wrong with him.
     Sabina Jackson — tall, slender, and exotic — left her husband, young adult daughters, and a thriving counseling practice to spend a year in Northern California where she says she’s come to heal. But it seems to Ellyn that Sabina’s doing more hiding than healing. What’s she hiding from? Is it God?
     Twila Boaz has come out of hiding and is working to gain back the pounds she lost when her only goal was to disappear. When her eating disorder is triggered again, though she longs to hide, she instead follows God and fights for her own survival. But will she succeed?
     As these women’s lives intertwine, their eyes open to the glory within each of them as they begin to recognize themselves as being created in God’s image.


Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Someone fat? Homely? Useless? Someone not worthy?

Or do you see the marvelous person God created you to be, beauty created in His image?

INVISIBLE by Ginny Yttrup is one of the most difficult books I’ve read in a long time. The story drew me in and held me. The characters were authentic with raw passions and hurts. The probably is, Invisible hit too close to home. It was as if Ginny Yttrup drew a picture of my struggles and displayed them to the world.

But that also says I’m not alone.

Invisible is a very important novel for our times as it speaks to those in our image-driven-society who don’t see the beauty in themselves that God sees; it speaks to people who feel they can’t measure up, who feel they need to become invisible. Or maybe they already feel invisible.

If that’s where you are in life–or perhaps you know someone who fits that description–pick up this book. It’s not a self-help book–it’s much better. Seeing these characters work through these very real struggles–knowing someone gets you–can be a first step toward accepting the truth that you are beautifully and wondrously made.


More Beautiful You, a song by Jonny Diaz that’s a perfect compliment to Invisible