Sometimes Miracles Hide – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Infant Mom HandsMy latest release, Pieces of Granite, is about a couple who learns that the child they’re expecting has Down syndrome and that diagnosis causes a rift in their marriage.

It’s obviously not an easy diagnosis for anyone to take, and a majority of parents who learn their pre-born child has Down will abort the child. (Note: The statistic “90% of pre-born babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted” has been bandied around, but a formal study has not been done. In this blog post on Human Life Review, Matthew Hennessy provides an in-depth analysis of this claim.)

But regardless of what the statistics say or don’t say, if it were 1%, that would be 1% too many, for every child is a miracle. Every. One!

Bruce Carroll sings about this in his 1991 single, Sometimes Miracles Hide, a beautiful anthem for all those receiving a difficult diagnosis.

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