Cornerstone – Pieces of Granite Playlist

We live in a society where independence and self-sufficiency are highly-valued, which is great, but that also makes it easy for us to forget that Christ is our cornerstone. He is our foundation. He is our strength, and we need to rest in Him. I love the simple message in this song, Cornerstone. Christ alone is Read More

WORN – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Being a mother is incredibly rewarding. It can also be incredibly tiring. Can I get an Amen!? My husband and I had three kids within three and a half years. Crazy, I know! And when our youngest was only one, my husband got a new job in a city 200+ miles away. So, he moved out of Read More

STAY – Pieces of Granite Playlist

In Pieces of Granite, the hero’s [Jerry’s] greatest fear is that his wife [Debbie] will leave him. Like most fears, it’s brought on by experience as almost everyone he’s loved in his life has abandoned him. So, when I heard the song “STAY” by Tenth Avenue North, I knew this would be Jerry’s song. I love the Read More

Broken Together – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Years ago the line from the Jerry Maguire movie, “You complete me” made women swoon and suddenly became the catch phrase for couples. Sure, it sounds romantic and loving, but how realistic is it? Are we really going to lay that weight on our boy/girlfriend? Fiancée? Spouse? Are we going to rely on them for our wholeness? Read More

Strong Enough – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Most of the popular Christian fiction I read has a strong heroine. That’s no surprise as who doesn’t love a strong woman? Can you think of a better role model for our young women of today? Yet oftentimes that personal strength comes at the expense of depending upon God. So, in Pieces of Granite I wanted Read More

What It Means To Be Loved – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Early on in Pieces of Granite, Debbie and Jerry receive the news that their unborn baby has Down syndrome. “What It Means To Be Loved” by Mark Schultz offers hope for those tough times and helps you realize how very precious and perfect every life is. Pieces of Granite available at: Amazon | B&N | BAM

Sometimes Miracles Hide – Pieces of Granite Playlist

My latest release, Pieces of Granite, is about a couple who learns that the child they’re expecting has Down syndrome and that diagnosis causes a rift in their marriage. It’s obviously not an easy diagnosis for anyone to take, and a majority of parents who learn their pre-born child has Down will abort the child. (Note: Read More