Broken Together – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Jesus Mortars Our Broken Pieces TogetherYears ago the line from the Jerry Maguire movie, “You complete me” made women swoon and suddenly became the catch phrase for couples. Sure, it sounds romantic and loving, but how realistic is it? Are we really going to lay that weight on our boy/girlfriend? Fiancée? Spouse? Are we going to rely on them for our wholeness?

So many couples walk down the aisle with visions of fairy tales come true. The princess is marrying her Prince Charming who can do wrong. But, not only can they do wrong, they will do wrong. Then that fairy tale ideal is torn into pieces, and suddenly that handsome prince looks more like a frog.

Relying on our spouse to make us whole only causes heartache and heartbreak as every relationship brings broken people together. We carry all our imperfections into our relationships, just as the hero/heroine in Pieces of Granite brought their brokenness into their marriage. When they tried to rely on each other to mend the fracture, it created more damage. Only when they turned their cracked lives over to God did their marriage improve.

I love how Casting Crowns’ new song talks about being “Broken Together,” that we weren’t ever meant to be complete with our spouse–only God can complete us, and he does so when he mortars the broken pieces of our lives together into one beautiful mosaic.

Broken Together by Casting Crowns

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