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  1. Thank you, Brenda. I received the book today and can;t wait to start reading it. Curiously, I’ve been looking at this series as a gift for someone special in our lives. Can you tell me if all of the book will be available at a discount as a PAPERBACK set? The individual can only receive paperback books. Your generosity is appreciated. Wishing you a Blessed New Year.

    1. Oh, that’s a good question. I wish I could bundle the paperbacks as easily as I can the ebooks. I do offer a special for those who live close to me, $45 for all four books, but then I can deliver them. I could mail the books for the $45 price, but once you add shipping costs, it’s close to online pricing.

      But you’ve got me thinking about lowering the paperback prices for a day or two when the ebook box set comes out. Unfortunately, it can’t be that much–I don’t have much room between what’s being charged and what Amazon allows. Even if it’s just a couple bucks a book, that would still be a savings. Anyway … I’ll let you know if I do offer a special.

      Thank you for thinking of gifting this series! I hope you enjoy Chain of Mercy!

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