A Novel Christmas List–Biblical, Speculative, and Young Adult

Today’s list is a bit shorter, but it’s quality. I highly recommend these three novels plus other works by these authors.

Biblical Fiction

ISCARIOT: A Novel of Judas by Tosca Lee (Howard Books)

Judas Iscariot has been reviled as a liar, thief, and traitor—though Jesus called him friend. But when Judas realizes the Nazarene refuses to bow to social and religious expectations, he must accept that his master isn’t the liberator he expected. Lee’s thought-provoking portrait will cause you to ask, “Would I have done the same thing?”


The Judgment StoneTHE JUDGMENT STONE, Immortal Files series, by Robert Liparulo (Thomas Nelson)

When a group of ruthless immortals-known as The Clan-attack St. Catherine’s monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai, they steal one of the world’s holiest artifacts: a piece of stone from the Ten Commandments. Those who touch the Stone can see into the spiritual world: angels, demons, and the blue threads of light ascending to Heaven that signal the presence of believers who are connected to God.

Young Adult

Failstate Legends

FAILSTATE: LEGENDS by John W. Otte (Marcher Lord Press)

A young superhero. A legend reborn. And a whole mess of zombies. * Failstate (a.k.a., Robin Laughlin) thought his life would get easier after he’d earned his superhero license. But now a legendary superhero has returned from the dead… along with a horde of shambling horrors who want to eat his brains. * New Chayton’s other licensed heroes are indisposed, meaning that the whole weight of protecting the city has fallen on Failstate. And nobody thinks he’s up to the challenge. At least he has help from his older brother, Gauntlet, and his best friend, Veritas. Or does he? * As if the zombie apocalypse weren’t enough, complicating things are not one but two beautiful girls vying for Failstate/Robin’s affections-and his own powers are doing something… interesting. * In the superhero business, interesting is bad. * Legends walk the streets of New Chayton. If Failstate can somehow survive the next few weeks, he could become one of them.

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