EVERY Life is Sacred

I run these figures annually around the anniversary of Roe V. Wade as a reminder that we have a long way to go before fetal life is considered human life, that Every Life is sacred. 2015 was a tough year for Planned Parenthood (PP) with those damning undercover videos released throughout the year. For the first Read More

“Family Tree” – Memory Box Secrets Playlist

In Memory Box Secrets, Sheila Peterson-Brook’s greatest fear is that she’s going to parent just as her mother and father raised her. No, she wasn’t abused, physically, but she wasn’t loved either. Sheila spent much of her life closing off her heart, because it hurt to much to feel, but her new-found faith is helping break Read More

Strong Enough – Pieces of Granite Playlist

Most of the popular Christian fiction I read has a strong heroine. That’s no surprise as who doesn’t love a strong woman? Can you think of a better role model for our young women of today? Yet oftentimes that personal strength comes at the expense of depending upon God. So, in Pieces of Granite I wanted Read More

Chain of Mercy Officially Releases!!!

Can you believe it? We’re Snoopy Dancing in our home today as my debut novel Chain of Mercy officially releases! There’s music in the background … check out my playlist here. I’ve got refreshments: chocolate (Lindt Lindor Truffles) and Fig Newtons (yes, I said Fig Newtons! My heroine Sheila Peterson loves them.) I have streamers, Read More

Chain of Mercy Playlist – Songs #3 & #4

Abortion. A word that provokes emotion and stirs controversy. An act that has left an infinite trail of tears … broken hearts … guilt. In Chain of Mercy, each of the main characters is touched by abortion in some way, and it doesn’t leave them unchanged. It can’t. These two songs, Lucy by Skillet and Read More

Chain of Mercy Playlist – Song #2

Forgiveness is an underlying theme in Chain of Mercy as each of the main characters struggles with one aspect of it. The hero, Richard Brooks, cannot accept forgiveness. The heroine, Sheila Peterson, doesn’t realize that what she has done requires forgiveness. And a third main character, Meghan Keene, refuses to forgive. Matthew West wrote the Read More