My Favorite Things with Emilie Hendryx!

Emilie HendryxSo excited to have the vivacious and talented Emilie Hendryx visit today. She was gracious to welcome me back in September, and I was blessed to return the favor.

Many know Emilie as the portrait photographer from ACFW Conferences, but Emilie is also an author, a blogger, a musician, and I’m certain her talents extend beyond that! So today we get to know Emilie better as she shares her favorite things (including a couple of her nature photographs).

My Favorite Things
     by Emilie Hendryx

Type of Book: Action, adventure, and romance!


  • Current favorite: (that I’ve finished reading): Seek and Hide by Amanda G. Stevens
  • Past Favorite: Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers


  • Current favorite: Ronie Kendig
  • Past favorite: Ted Dekker (um, but there are so many more…)

Movie: The Princess Bride

Entrée: A great pasta dish! (or pizza hehe)

Dessert: Blackberry pie

Chocolate: dark!

Restaurant: Black Bear Diner (not necessarily because of the food, but because it reminds me of home)

Beverage: COFFEE

by Emilie Hendryx

by Emilie Hendryx

Season: Fall

Animal: Panda

Type of Music: Acoustic/Folk/Singer songwriter

Song: I have so many…but a current favorite is “Called Me Higher” by All Sons & Daughters

Musician: I’ll narrow this down for my top 3 favorites for fall listening: Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, and Gregory Alan Isakov.

Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Color: Green

Item to Collect: Coffee mugs

Hobby: Playing guitar/singing

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Not sure that I have one? I really like fir trees…does that count?

by Emilie Hendryx

by Emilie Hendryx

Vacation Location: The Oregon coast in the Redwoods

Thank you for sharing with my readers today, Emilie!

~About Emilie

Emilie is a freelance writer and photographer living in the heart of Washington, D.C. She’s a member of ACFW and currently working on a romantic suspense series while dreaming up YA Sci-Fi dystopian worlds on the side. She’s got a soft spot in her heart for animals and a love for the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time you can find her playing guitar or reading a book all while drinking too much coffee.

~Connect with Emilie

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Novel Anticipation – October 2015

Novel Anticipation

When I was organizing this post, I realized each of these authors had one thing in common: they’re all Minnesota authors, and they’re all friends, most are members of, or have been members of the Minnesota chapter of ACFW. I guess October’s a good month to release a book up here.

The Hive (388 x 600)THE HIVE
by John W. Otte


A pregnant cyborg and a teenage boy fight against intergalactic governments to protect the unborn in this novel from a Christy Award-nominated author.

Why is Zain pregnant? She belongs to the Hive, a collective of cyborgs who choose to live apart from the rest of human society. At times, the Hive rent out some of their females to produce tailor-made children for paying couples. But Zain is an engineer, not a breeder. When she finds herself separated from the Hive, she decides to find the person who she thinks ordered the baby. Surely they’ll help her find her way home.

Matthew “Scorn” Nelson has spent the better part of his teenage years cracking computer systems, causing mischief and havoc wherever he can. But the night of his greatest triumph turned into a painful memory, one he wants to erase. But that night was also his first step on a road to faith. When Zain arrives on his doorstep, Scorn is horrified. What’s he supposed to do with a pregnant teenage cyborg?

Unfortunately, he’ll have to answer that question on the run. Zain’s people want to reclaim her and terminate her pregnancy. And both the Ministrix and the Praesidium, two intergalactic governments in a constant state of cold war, want Zain’s baby for their own reasons. Will their enemies run them down? Or will Zain find a new Hive for both her and her child?

Submerged (379 x 600)SUBMERGED
(Mountain Cove series)
by Elizabeth Goddard


With Christmas just around the corner, Cobie MacBride wants closure in the case of her missing father. But when a visit to the last place he was seen leads to an attack by a masked assailant, Cobie knows she’s in over her head. Running for her life, she never expected to find safety with Adam Warren—the man she blames for her brother’s death. Seeking answers leads them to a treasure ship, buried secrets…and deadly danger. Christmas could find them starting a new future—if they can avoid getting trapped in the perils of the past.

Dreams and WishesDREAMS AND WISHES
written by Heather Czywczynski
illustrations by Carolyn Kluender

Come join us on the whimsical musings of what new parents imagine to be the bright future of their child. Inspired by the 2015 birth of Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch, son of actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter, the writing and artwork is a fan tribute to the new family. Woven within the illustrations are thirteen ‘Easter eggs,’ hidden images related to the careers of this celebrity couple. The story’s universal appeal is its celebration of the most humbling and human experience: parenthood. It is about love, made with love, a swan song to all new parents and babies everywhere embarking on their beautiful first adventures.

Good-bye LoverGOOD-BYE, LOVER
by Rachel Britz

All she ever desired was to play her fiddle . . .

But her love of music may cost her everything.Seventeen-year-old Honora (Nora) Gallagher captivates Ireland’s attention in 1880 when news of her father’s untimely and tragic death spreads across the countryside. According to her father’s will, Nora must now find and marry a suitor within a year if she is to inherit her family’s estate, Kings Castle, or be forced to hand it over to a distant and unfamiliar cousin. Distraught, Nora must now choose between following her dream of studying music in Dublin or saving her beloved home through a rushed marriage.

The combination of her father’s mysterious death, missing family money, and an abrupt end to the castle’s Fair Day program leads Nora to question the motives of people she once trusted. Nora quickly realizes there is only one solution to such a tangled mess: sacrifice.

Nora is forced to choose will she remain loyal to her father and the servants who are counting on her or will she follow her heart and chase her dream?

Dance of GraceDANCE OF GRACE
(Chain of Lakes series #2)
by Stacy Monson

In one tragic moment, dancer Vanessa Jordan lost her family, her career, and her future. She blames God for destroying everything that mattered.

Kurt Wagner, an ex-con with a second chance at life and faith, aches to shed his past and see his dream of helping teens become reality.

The former dancer and the ex-con form an unlikely alliance to build River House, a safe haven for kids on the street. But when Kurt’s past threatens his dreams and his life, Vanessa becomes a target as well.

It will take a stubborn love, the grace of God, and one courageous teen to keep the River House dream alive.

And Some More Blog Hopping …

Blog HoppingI’m visiting a couple more blogs today. Thanks to Keely Brooke Keith and Angela D. Meyer for welcoming me today! Tomorrow I’m making a hop over to Jennifer Slattery’s Lives Out Loud blog. – I even try my hand at Haiku!


Thank You!!!

Hungry for Home now available!
Amazon | B&N

Celebration Cupcakes from Something Sweet by Maddie LuIt’s been a pretty crazy week with the release of Hungry for Home, and I have so many people to thank. Wish I could give you all hugs.

First, thank you to everyone who joined in my celebration last week–it was a fun time. :) (Hope you didn’t eat too many cupcakes!) And the winner of the Coming Home series + Caribou Coffee is Karen! Congratulations, Karen!

Thank you to all the readers who’ve taken a chance on my stories, and even liked them! That makes this stoic Minnesotan want to Snoopy dance.

Thank you to my Street Team for creating a buzz and spreading the word. Your enthusiasm for my Coming Home series really lifts me up!

Thank you to Stacy Monson, Laura Frantz, Kav Rees, Shannon Taylor Vannatter, and Stephanie Prichard for giving Hungry for Home and the Coming Home series such heartfelt endorsements! It doesn’t seem that Thank You is enough.

Thank you to my family who’s put up with me these past couple of years and haven’t complained (too much) about making your own meals.

It’s been a crazy journey so far, and I’ve been blessed to travel it with all of you!

Hungry for Home endorsement - Laura Frantz

“Hungry for Home is more than a series finale – it is heartfelt, heart-wrenching fiction at its best, exploring relationships and family, love, faith and forgiveness in fresh, life-changing ways. I see myself in these endearing, enduring characters, their weaknesses and struggles and hard-won triumphs. Although worthy as a standalone novel, this finale is best savored beginning with the Coming Home series prequel Pieces of Granite, Chain of Mercy, and Memory Box Secrets. Bravo, Brenda Anderson!”

Laura Frantz, author of The Mistress of Tall Acre

More Blog Hopping + Giveaways

Hungry for Home now available!
Amazon | B&N

Celebration Cupcakes from Something Sweet by Maddie LuFirst, I want to thank everyone for your enthusiastic support of my new release, Hungry for Home. I’ve gotten very positive feedback so far, which helps me breathe easier. You never know how a book will be received until you put it out there, which can be scary.

Along with the release, I’ve been doing a lot of blog hopping. I’m glad it’s Friday, so I’ll get to rest after today. At least that’s the plan. :)

Today’s my blogging day at Inkspirational Messages. We’ve been sharing favorite charities these past two weeks, so today I get to talk about Hope 4 Youth, a center for homeless youth. I’m giving away a paperback copy of Hungry for Home, but hurry over there to comment as the contest ends at midnight today (Sep 25). I’d love to know what charities are close to your heart.

Hungry for Home Giveaway

I also discovered this lovely review of Hungry for Home by Sarah Ruut at Fiction, Faith, & Fun: Thank you, Sarah! And remember, at Sarah’s blog this past Monday, I introduced you to Austin Lang, the homeless teen in Hungry for Home: Comment on her blog for a chance to win an ebook copy of Hungry for Home.

Yesterday I visited Ane Mulligan’s Southern Fried Fiction:

You’ll find additional opportunities to win Hungry for Home here:

And this is just a fun little aside. Today I spotted Pieces of Granite, my Coming Home series prequel, in Amazon’s Top 100 for Contemporary Christian Fiction, sandwiched between C.S. Lewis and Susan Meissner. Not bad company, right?

Pieces of Granite

Again, Thank You! for all your enthusiastic support! I am abundantly blessed!



Blog Hopping + Giveaways!

Hungry for Home now available!
Amazon | B&N

Blog HoppingI’m flitting all around the internet today, visiting, offering book giveaways, so if you have an extra moment, I’d love for you to stop by and comment.

I’m not finished touring yet, though. Tomorrow I’ll be on Ane Mulligan’s Southern Fried Fiction, which should be fun, (Link update: then next week I’ll be blog hopping again.

Hope to see you around the web!


Hungry for Home – Book Birthday Bash + Giveaway!

now available
Amazon | B&N

Hungry for Home book birthdayThank you for joining in my celebration for Hungry for Home‘s book birthday! I’m serving calorie-free cupcakes and your favorite beverages. There’s also a drawing below that I’m certain you want to enter.

I’m so excited to bring this story to you, not only to bid adieu to Richard and Sheila (which makes me sad), but also to share Austin’s story with you. He’s taught me so much!

Celebration Cupcakes from Something Sweet by Maddie Lu

Cupcakes from Something Sweet by Maddie Lu

If you’re new to my blog, here’s what Hungry for  Home is about:

After a troubling encounter with a pregnant teen, Sheila Peterson-Brooks hurries from the crisis pregnancy center into the frigid Minnesota winter where she is mugged and left for dead. After a frantic search, Richard, her husband, finds her, and the police quickly nab the mugger …

A hungry, homeless teen.
The brother of the pregnant girl Sheila had just counseled.

The girl pleads for her brother, and Sheila and Richard choose not to press charges. Instead, they open their home to the boy, a move that could cost them their possessions, and their hearts.

And, in the process, teach them the true meaning of home.

And now for the giveaway …

Giveaway!!!One winner will receive a Book Bundle that includes all four books from my Coming Home series in paperback plus a bag of Amy’s Blend coffee from Caribou Coffee. (Caribou Coffee happens to be Sheila’s favorite brand) To enter, fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hungry for Home … Out & About

Hungry for HomeOnly one more day until the official release of Hungry for Home! I’m very eager to share this book with you, not only to give Richard and Sheila’s story some closure, but also to introduce you to Austin Lang, a homeless teen.

Today you get to meet Austin at Sarah Ruut’s Faith, Fiction, and Fun blog in a character interview: And there’s a giveaway for an ebook copy of Hungry for Home.

Also, the first reviews for Hungry for Home are starting to show up. Julia Wilson at her Christian Bookaholic blog (an excellent book blog, btw) wrote this very gracious review:

Hungry for Home GiveawayAt Inkspirational Messages, we’re talking about our favorite causes, and would love for you to stop by and share which charities are close to your heart: There’s a Rafflecopter drawing for an autographed copy of Hungry for Home. Contest ends on Friday.

Thinking Thoughts book giveawayAnd there are a few days left to get in the drawing for an ebook of Hungry for Home at Emilie Hendryx blog, Thinking Thoughts:


Tomorrow is the big book birthday celebration! I hope you’ll stop by to share in the festivities. :)

Coming Home Series Sale!


*** Sale Ends Sunday, September 20, 2015! ***

shoppingWith the official release of Hungry for Home less than a week away, I figured it’s a good time to have a sale. Having a good pre-order helps increase exposure for Hungry for Home on Amazon, so I’d love it if you’d share this with your reading friends. If they haven’t picked up any of my books, now’s the perfect time. Like any sale, this one’s only temporary.

The Kindle version of Pieces of Granite is only 99¢, and the paperback at Amazon & B&N is a dollar off regular price. If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can get Pieces of Granite FREE right now! Ebook purchase only at Amazon.

The Kindle and Nook versions of Chain of Mercy are only $2.99, that’s $2.00 of their normal price. Amazon | B&N

Memory Box Secrets remains at $4.99. Amazon | B&N

The pre-order for Hungry for Home is $5.99. It will also be available in paperback & for Nook on release day. Amazon

In other news, I’m visiting with Emilie Hendryx on her Thinking Thoughts blog today, and I’m giving away an ebook version of Hungry for Home to someone who comments on the post:

Thinking Thoughts book giveaway

Hungry for Home Blog Tour

Hungry for HomeOnly one week before Hungry for Home officially releases! Starting tomorrow, several bloggers graciously welcomed me to their sites, and many are offering giveaways. I hope you’ll take a minute or two to visit me at their blogs.

Huge Thank You to all the hosts for welcoming me!

Coming Home SeriesHungry for Home pre-order: Amazon